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GK-5 magnetic induction probe is assembled with imported Hall integrated circuits. The probe sends high electric level when the magnet reaches the top of the probe at a certain distance. The probe not only can match the NC series controller for count and display for count that are produced by us, but also can be used as a travel switch for controlling object position. Inside the probe, the Hall components and shaping & magnifying circuit are integrated in one IC board, which leads to the small size of probe and enhances its reliability, stability and strong anti-interference ability. Thread structure is adopted for convenient user installation.

Technical Specifications:

1. High elctric level is sent when the magnet reaches the top of
      the probe at a      certain distance.
2. Range of the electric level: 4.7V
3. Output currency: 50mA
4. Static operating currency: ≤3mA
5. Operating voltage: DC 5V
6. Temperature of operating environment: -10℃ - +55℃


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