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   HBA-2 cut-out controller is majorly used to monitor the alternate current of electrical heating system. When a heater malfunctions and the current becomes lower than a certain detection value set through the cut-out controller, the built-in relay of HBA-2 will be energized and outputs two groups of always-open-close contact signals for external circuit control. At the same time, the red indicator on the control panel will light up. Current mutual-induction unit is to be applied according to the capacity of corresponding electrical heating systems.
HBA can perform continuous setting control within 10%~100% of the current range specified on the mutual induction unit. For instance, for a 100A mutual induction unit, its setting range is 10A~100A while the setting range of a 50A mutual induction unit is 5A~50A.

Technical Features:

  • Operation range for control setting: 10~100%
  • Return difference of set control point: lower than 10%
  • Input signal current: AC 0~5A (recorded from the secondary side of the CT current mutual induction)
  • Contact capacity for two groups of always-open-close signals: AC220V, 1A ( load of resistance)
  • Source power voltage: AC220V+15%
  • Temperature of environment: -10℃~50℃
  • Approx. weight: 550g


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