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L002.jpg (15648 字节)         his device is to provide automatic control for drawing roller and feeding roller over invariable tension. Features on detecting and controlling: for instance, invariable tension is needed during the drawing and feeding process of paper or plastic firm. According to the continuous change of the diameter of the roller, this device linearly increase or decrease the excitation voltage of magnetic powder braker or magnetic powder clutch so as to change the brake moment or the clutch moment on the roller.
Instead of a touch sensor on the roller or sending firm, an approach sensor is installed by the rolling spindle to detect any change of the diameter of the roller. Once change of the diameter of the roller is detected, signals will be sent back to the device. Then the device will output a corresponding control voltage. This device has a setting on the range of the diameter. When the roller reaches the set stopping diameter, the alarm will buzz up and the built-in relay will be energized immediately and output a signal for external control.

                                      OPERATION MANUAL

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