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NC-62A Speed-gauging Synchrocontrollor     

k15.jpg (6660 字节)     This device is used in the industrial measurement of rotary speed, linear speed and speed difference in on-line measuring process. It can convert the measuring result into standard analog signals ranging from 4 to 20mA.
    With photoelectricity pulser as its sensor, the device is a secondary meter based on its SCM core. The device adopts the input method of applying parameter programming with LED guidance that greatly facilitates the application in different situations. The software of the device employs self-adaptive method in calculation, which can achieve high-precision detection, whatever in high or low speed.

Characteristics & Technical Specifications

A. There are 15 film-covered touch-style keys. Programming is inducted by LED hints that make it convenience for operation.
B. It has six-digit LED digital display, one-digit symbol display and sealed front panel.
C. There are two lines of pulse signal input (A and B), the frequency of either line can be measured and displayed upon programming.
D. The outcome value of the pulse frequency of either line can multiply an invariant before display when programming. The invariant may range from 0.0001 to 2499.0.
E. Measurement and display on speed difference (Line A and B) is available after certain programming.
F. The frequency of the signal input may range from 4Hz to 60Khz.
G. The adjustable range of the typical value of testing time is from 4ms to 1s.
H. In case the typical value of testing time is set as 100ms, for the signal of 10Hz~60KHz, the measuring precision would be 0.005%, for signal of 4Hz~10Hz, the synchrocontroller will take the period of the pulse signal input as the testing time automatically, and the precision would be 0.005%.
I. The upper limit and lower limit of warning value of the speed for line A, line B and the speed difference between line A and line B can be set respectively with range from 0.0000 to 9999.99.
J. Signal input: OC gate signal
The power should be +15V CMOS level signal
k. The output of analog signal is 4~20mA. The corresponding testing value of 4mA signal would be "0", and the parameter of the corresponding testing value can be entered through the keyboard when programming. Within the range of 4~20mA, the analog quantity output is linear. When the signal input exceed the range, the analog quantity output is kept to be 20mA all the way.
[Note: The analog quantity output (4~20mA), upper limit and lower limit of warning contact output all correspond to the information chosen through programming (measuring and displaying).]
K. EEPROM storage is used to make sure that parameters will not lose in power cut-off.
L. Code numbers is necessary if you need to enter programming state from operating state. The code number is 275906.
M. It is properly designed with a compact structure and small dimensions as well as the appearance agree to national standards. It can also be installed on framework.
The exterior measurement of the mainframe:
160(W) x 80(H) x 175(L) mm
Measurement of the opening:
152(W) X 75(H) mm
N. Operation conditions:
a. Power source: 220V, 50Hz single-phase alternating current
Maximum watt loss in voltage fluctuation state: +10%, 20W
b. Temperature of environment: +5~+40C (While working.)
c. Relative moisture: 90% without clotted vapour.
d. Storage temperature: -15C~+50C
O. Self-testing function


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