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The JKL1E series automatic compensation controllers for wattless power are for the special control use for the computers in low-voltage distribution system to compensate wattless power. The series include four models, 4-6-8-10-channel which can be used as supporting units for various low-voltage electrostatic capacitor banks respectively.With the most advanced technologies in the world adopted in its production,
  the unit is not only compact in size, light in weight, but enjoys a pleasant appearance and two interior and exterior covers that are all made of intensified fire-resistance plastics. Complete functions, strong anti-interference, always-stable operation and accurate compensation, are the four main distinguished features of the products.
    All performance indices of the products have been proved to reach or exceed concerning ZKB44001-89 national standards by passing two major national performance tests, one conducted by the Chinese Computer-controlled Power Distribution Equipment Testing Center (Cert. No. 90DY089) and one by the Guangdong Provincial Electric Power Testing Institute. Besides, the products are also awarded production license by the National Ministry of Machinery and Electronic Industry (No. K11) and certificate of conformity for ISO9002 international quality system.
  1. Network power factors are displayed in LED digits: lagging (0.00-0.99)leading (0.00-0.99)
  2. The digital display of the preset values of Cosφdelay timeover-voltage can be finished by operating the three function keys on the panel keyboard. Besides, concise man-machine talk style makes it far more convenient for operation. All parameters are easily set and remembered and protected even in power-off situation.
  3. When the network voltage exceeds the preset over-voltage value for the unit the digital display is automatically changed from Cosφ to the real-time voltage value of the network. Meanwhileformerly closed capacitor banks are cut off, automatically, quickly and level by level, accompanied by output signals initiated by over-voltage contacts.
  4. It can distinguish current polarity by sampling (automatically distinguish the polarity of current) and automatically switch polarity. This function brings much convenience for installation, debugging and operation.
  5. When the sampling signal circuit is open or there is no sampling current signal inputthe Cosφ meter automatically displays O.CC
  6. The output actions take the circular operating mode of the first to close, the first to open and vice versa. There is the 1-2-2-2-2-1 code operation mode specially designed to meet the operation requirements of the on-spot compensation devices.
  7. Anto/Manual switchable. When switched to Anto modethe unit automatically tracks the power factor and the wattless current of the network and controls the automatically closing and opening of capacitor banks. In manual modethe same functions are manually performed.
  8. There are LED indicators for leading, lagging, over-voltage as well as the input of program
  9. The strong anti-interference feature of the unit can withstand the interferential pulse of up to 2000 volt directly from the network. This function exceeds concerning national standards.



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